Tiled Home Page Animation

Creating a first impression as interactive as the product's abilities.
Professional | 2020
Tiled is a platform that helps non-developers create interactive digital content with complete creative flexibility.  It needed a website as creative and engaging as its abilities.

Project Goals

  • Build awareness of what microapps are and what they can do
  • Help interested buyers get an understanding of the product and how and when to use it before they talk to sales
  • Showcase flexibility of the product and put customer microapps front and center
  • Build points from marketing team into motion-driven narrative
  • Create contextual transitions for clean storyline
  • Establish core brand values: empowering creativity, providing engaging interaction, being a straightforward and supportive resources for designers
Storyboard for page animation
Presented directions
Direction #1
Direction #2
Direction #3 Selected by team