Curie Health

A service designed to make women’s diagnostic and preventative care more accessible globally.
Academic | 2022
Collaboration with Sarah Stone and Vedika Lall
We viewed a big problem — women globally have challenges receiving proper diagnostic and preventative healthcare — and tried to design a solution in the form of a service with a sustainable business model. The result was Curie, a platform that utilizes at-home diagnostic and preventative testing to give women more ownership and insight over their healthcare, more opportunities to start conversations with their doctors, and more ways to participate in much-needed research into women-specific health needs. We also designed a business model intended to improve access globally in various health conditions: in developed countries, Curie has a B2B offering, selling to companies as a benefit and healthcare networks as a cost-cutting metric, and using revenue from sales and opt-in research projects to fund donations of global kits to healthcare NGOs in areas with less access.
Service map
Screens from app user flow: (from left to right) test kit instructions, testing home base, test results and data, & learning and information
Logo design
Lifetime plan test via Curie