Analytics Redesign

Growing content analytics for ease of use for more users.
Professional | 2019
Team size: 2
One of Tiled's key value propositions is that interactive microapps built in the platform are backed by analytics. However, the initial version of Tiled analytics was built for a specific type of user: sales teams at large organizations. As Tiled grew and added more customers with different use cases and business needs, its analytics needed to rescale to match.

Key pain points:
  • Needed to address data for marketing and HR users.
  • Activity and analytics are blended together in a way that isn’t very clear or intuitive.
  • Initial interface was built without a design system, and the platform has become inconsistent over time. We wanted to use this redesign to start creating a new design system to create product consistency going forward.
  • Desktop and mobile app are not consistent in information and layout, but it isn't clear what will be displayed where.

Before the redesign

What we called "analytics" surfaced a combination of overall data on content usage and recent viewer activity in a way that didn't clearly address any specific users needs. As we began research on how analytics was used, we discovered that different groups needed very different pieces of information. This challenged our assumption that we needed to unify desktop and mobile app: instead, we decided, we needed to bring clearer structure and information hierarchy to create a mobile interface geared towards sales conversations and a desktop interface built to understand high level data.
Information architecture
We mapped out the pieces of information we needed to show and which users would care about them to determine how to block out the Analytics vs Activity sections. These would be unified by the design of the session, which would be the only point show in both sections, and would link microapp analytics to share activity. We also determined that Analytics, at least at this point, could only appear in the desktop app, since users who most need it rarely used the mobile version.

Initial wireframes

UI explorations